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Part FAQ

Could you deliver the bouquets to city X?
We can carry out the delivery in any city (village) of Russia and in the majority of cities of the world, however there are some certain conditions and because of them the price of your order can be increased. So, if you have any questions you can send us the e-mail or call by phone. During some minutes we will answer you.

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В данном разделе опубликованы некоторые фотографии доставок.
Публикация осуществляется с разрешения клиента.

Flowers delivery Leningradskaia, Krasnodarskii krai
Leningradskaia, Krasnodarskii krai

Flowers delivery Seliatino, Moskovskaia oblast
Seliatino, Moskovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Sevastopol, Krim respublika
Sevastopol, Krim respublika

Flowers delivery Habarovsk, Habarovskii krai
Habarovsk, Habarovskii krai

Flowers delivery Krasnoznamensk, Moskovskaia oblast
Krasnoznamensk, Moskovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Beloiarskii, Sverdlovskaia oblast
Beloiarskii, Sverdlovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Saransk, Mordoviia respublika
Saransk, Mordoviia respublika

Flowers delivery Mcensk, Orlovskaia oblast
Mcensk, Orlovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery CHapaevsk, Samarskaia oblast
CHapaevsk, Samarskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Sankt-Peterburg, Leningradskaya oblast
Sankt-Peterburg, Leningradskaya oblast

Flowers delivery Gusev, Kaliningradskaia oblast
Gusev, Kaliningradskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Dzerzhinsk, Nigegorodskaia oblast
Dzerzhinsk, Nigegorodskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Novocheboksarsk, CHuvashskaia respublika
Novocheboksarsk, CHuvashskaia respublika

Flowers delivery Briansk, Brianskaia oblast
Briansk, Brianskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Popovka, Krym respublika
Popovka, Krym respublika

Flowers delivery Budennovsk, Stavropolskii krai
Budennovsk, Stavropolskii krai

Flowers delivery SHahty, Rostovskaia oblast
SHahty, Rostovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Dorohovo, Moskovskaia oblast
Dorohovo, Moskovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Tolmachevo, Leningradskaia oblast
Tolmachevo, Leningradskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Goriachii Kluch, Krasnodarskii krai
Goriachii Kluch, Krasnodarskii krai

Flowers delivery Nignekamsk, Tatarstan respublika
Nignekamsk, Tatarstan respublika

Flowers delivery Nizhniy Novgorod, Nigegorodskaia oblast
Nizhniy Novgorod, Nigegorodskaia oblast

Flowers delivery CHehov, Moskovskaia oblast
CHehov, Moskovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Mariinsk, Kemerovskaia oblast
Mariinsk, Kemerovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Doneck, Rostovskaia oblast
Doneck, Rostovskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Nizhniy Novgorod, Nigegorodskaia oblast
Nizhniy Novgorod, Nigegorodskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Moskva,  Moskva
Moskva, Moskva

Flowers delivery Nizhniy Novgorod, Nigegorodskaia oblast
Nizhniy Novgorod, Nigegorodskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Kamyshin, Volgogradskaia oblast
Kamyshin, Volgogradskaia oblast

Flowers delivery Essentuki, Stavropolskii krai
Essentuki, Stavropolskii krai

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You can ask us to send ANY GIFT together with flowers – we deliver everything! Specify the desirable gift at the moment of registration of the order or contact us by phone or by e-mail.

Our price policy allows to use flowers delivery to all interested people!

You can surprise relatives and friends by: Flowers, Pot plants, Toys, Fruit baskets, Food baskets, Chocolate. And many other!

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