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Part FAQ

I wish to add to my order a box of sweets (a teddy bear, a chocolate pie) how can it be done?
Changes and additions to the order are possible, but we ask you to take care of them as soon as possible, before the day of delivery. In order to add something to your order, please write us the email or call by phone.

Bouquet search

How to order flowers delivery

To make an order please choose a bouquet (or floral arrangement) in the catalog, press to Order and fill an order form: to whom, where, when to deliver, your contact information. Here you will be able to choose and add additional gifts and a card to the order.

How to pay for my order

Go to pay for the order

You can pay for the order with one of the ways given below.
If you haven't found a suitable payment method - contact us, we will help you as soon as possible.
Bank cardOnline payment by bank card on secure server. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DinersClub, JBS.
Bank transferStandard bank transfer. 2-3 bank days.
PayPal and American ExpressInternational payment center PayPal. Pay by bank card of any payment system (inc. American Express) directly or by PAYPAL account. This method is disabled if alcohol product is in your order.
QIWIOnly if you locate in Russia. Qiwi (pay from Russia or Kazahstan).
YooMoneyOnline payment in YooMoney.
WebMoneyOnline WebMoney payment.
RBK MoneyChoose to pay by:
  • Electronic purse RBK Money (online)
  • Pay systems MoneyMail, Unicard, WebCreds, INOCard, LiqPay, Internet.Money (online)
  • Prepayed card RBK Money (online)
  • Money transfers system Contact, Unistream (5 minutes - 1 day)
  • Payment terminals (online)
  • Bank payment VTB24, OtpBank (online)
  • Russian Post (3-4 working days)
  • ATM VBT24 (online)
  • Internet banking VTB24, OtpBank, HandyBank (online), Uralsib, EMB (1-2 working days)
    Skrill (MoneyBookers)Skrill (MoneyBookers) payment.
    From my SFLowers balanceFrom my SFLowers balance
    OtherPlease choose this if you dont like no one from listed above. We will contact you to decide the issue.

    Cash payment
    To pay cash you can choose a payment method "Terminals of express payment and salons of communication" (without the commission) or "Bank transfer" (the commission according to bank tariffs).

    Delivery of the order will be made after the full payment.

    Delivery process

    Your order can be delivered within several hours after his registration.
    However, before to place the order you should consider time difference with the city of the delivery, and also official holidays and the days off. In certain cases when a place of delivery is far, or should be delivered in the evening after 21 p.m., or early in the morning before 9 a.m., or at urgent delivery, the cost of the order can be increased we will report to you beforehand about it.

    Please, carefully check the address of delivery and telephone number of the recipient. We don't bear responsibility for delay of the order delivery or impossibility its implementation owing to incorrectly specified address and a contact information.

    Your order will be created several hours in advance to the fixed delivery time.
    Standard time delivery of the orders is from 9 to 21 o'clock. Earlier and late delivery is possible, but not in all cities. Early delivery - till 9 in the morning and late delivery - after 21 hours - is coordinated in addition.

    We guarantee delivery of your order in the appointed day in a fresh condition.
    You can check status of your order on our website, by phone or by email. The automatic notification by email and SMS about the status of your order is also provided by us (you can choose it at registration step). We ask to consider that not in all cities it is possible to notify you immediately about the delivery implementation. In certain cases such notifications are sent at the end of the working day. At the international delivery (outside Russia) official confirmation delivery order is done within 3 working days.

    Delivery of the urgent orders is carried out during the day. The exact time of delivery isn't guaranteed. Urgent orders are the orders which were placed or paid less than one day before the day of delivery.

    If the courier has arrived to the specified address in the order and there is nobody, the courier can leave a gift to the neighbors, relatives, or recipient's colleagues (it is noted at the registration of the order). In this case, the courier will leave a note for the recipient with the address where it is possible to take a gift. We don't bear responsibility for delay on delivery of the order or impossibility of its implementation owing to incorrectly specified address and a contact information.

    Delivery surprise
    If you don't want that the recipient has known about the preparing gift in advance, there is an opportunity to order Delivery surprise (without to call to the recipient in advance, it is noted at registration procedure of the order). In this case you guarantee that at the time of delivery recipient will be at the place. If the recipient doesn't appear on the place, the courier will need to contact him (our couriers are represented as "Delivery service").

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    Order express-status

    You can ask us to send ANY GIFT together with flowers – we deliver everything! Specify the desirable gift at the moment of registration of the order or contact us by phone or by e-mail.

    Our price policy allows to use flowers delivery to all interested people!

    With the help of SFLowers you can send flowers and gifts to any point of Russia and of the world.

    Flowers delivery! Flowers wholesale!
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