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Part FAQ

I wish to add to my order a box of sweets (a teddy bear, a chocolate pie) how can it be done?
Changes and additions to the order are possible, but we ask you to take care of them as soon as possible, before the day of delivery.
In order to add something to your order, please write us the email or call by phone.

Bouquet search

Here,answers to the basic questions concerning works of our system are collected for convenience of our clients.
Also you can ask question.

Could you deliver the bouquets to city X?
We can carry out the delivery in any city (village) of Russia and in the majority of cities of the world, however there are some certain conditions and because of them the price of your order can be increased. So, if you have any questions you can send us the e-mail or call by phone.

There is not such composition on your site which I would like to order. What should I do?
You have the possibility to make the individual order, having passed under corresponding reference in the menu of our shop Internet. After order reception the florist will consult you on all questions, and you will create really exclusive gift together.

I wish to add to my order a box of sweets (a teddy bear, a chocolate pie) how can it be done?
Changes and additions to the order are possible, but we ask you to take care of them as soon as possible, before the day of delivery.
In order to add something to your order, please write us the email or call by phone.

Could you make a photo of the recipient with a bouquet?
In most cases we can make a photo or video of the recipient at the moment of delivery. Possibility of this service depends on the delivery city. Photo/video of the recipient is made only in case of the direct consent of the recipient. Otherwise, service cost will be returned into your personal account on our site. The given service gets out at order registration.

Could you make the delivery-surprise, without saying to the recipient about the order?
If it is necessary for you to deliver the gift without preliminary call with the recipient, you should only choose the special point, when you register your order. Do not forget, that in this case if the recipient is not available in the noted place at the moment of delivery, the courier will have to phone him (her). Our couriers are represented as "Delivery service".

Do you deliver the bouquets aboard the ship (in hotel, a rest house, in a camping)?
Yes, but in the case of such delivery we ask you to note in details the co-ordinates of the place of delivery and how it is possible to reach it.

In what time the order will be delivered?
The delivery realizes usually during the working day, but if you wish you can note the delivery time at order registration. If the delivery during this time is obligatory, note it in comments to the order.

How could I pay for the order?
Now we accept the payment by the various ways.
You can receive the information about it in section Payment and Delivery or our manager can consult you on email or by phone.

Do you deliver the vase (basket) together with flowers?
The vase (basket) is delivered together with the flowers if it is specified as part of the bouquet, or if you separately, additionally, add this product to the basket.

What do people give flowers for?
Flowers can be more expensive than words: I love, I miss, forgive me, I congratulate, I remember, I care, I value … There is no feeling which it would be impossible to reflect in flowers!
Skills of our florists will help to convey emotions and mood, and our couriers deliver the gift in any corner of the world, and these instants costs so much!

Do you create the bouquets according to the image on your site?
In different regions, in the particular season the assortment of separate flowers can be limited. In the day of delivery the necessary shades can not be available, it is especially pivotal for urgent orders.That is why the bouquet or the composition can differ a bit from the image in the catalogue of our Internet shop. In any case, each bouquet is the unique work of art created specially for you.
You can be confident – all efforts will be made for preservation of the form, the size and the general colour scale of the chosen bouquet or composition.The additional gifts and accessories (sweets, fruit, vases, baskets, soft toys) can be replaced according to the assortment of region of delivery.

What will you do if the recipient is not at the delivery address?
In that case the courier will try to contact the recipient by contact phone (if it is noted), or will leave the salon card. Also, the courier can give the gift to relatives/friends of the recipient, if the sender has allowed to make it at the registration of the order.
If it is not possible to deliver the bouquet within 5 days, unfortunately, we cannot return you the order cost, responsibility for technical possibility of delivery lies completely on the sender and the recipient.

How long the flowers remain fresh? How it is better to look after them?
The flowers can be fresh more longer, if you wash a vase every day, change water, and also cut stalks. Moreover, you can add special flower preservatives for saving freshness of your flowers. You should keep flowers at a room temperature, far from direct solar beams and the conditioner.
In these conditions different flowers will stand from 5 days about 2 weeks.

Can you deliver a gift basket with groceries?
Yes, of course. You can get acquainted with the offers in the corresponding section of the catalog.

Do you guarantee the confidentiality and safety of the personal information?
The personal information, received from you at the registration of the order, is confidential and is not a subject to transfer to the third parties. The payment by bank card is made on the protected connection through payment system, being the guarantor of safety of transactions and protection of the payment data.

When (how many days before the desired delivery date) is it better to place an order?
It is good if you place and pay for the order in advance - this is especially important if you plan to send exotic or rare flowers. But most of the popular items can also be delivered with an urgent order, issued day-to-day or the day before.

Could I get the indemnification, if I am not satisfied with the quality of the delivered flowers?
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered bouquet or the composition, inform us about it during 24 hours after the delivery realisation.The term of acceptance of claims (24 hours) is caused by perishable character of the flowers. If it is unfair execution of the order by florist, so in this case the delivered bouquet or the composition can be replaced or we compensate your expenses.

What should I do if I have forgotten the password of the registered user?
You can you the system of restoration of the password under the reference to Remind the password in the left column of the menu or address to us by phone or on email.

What do you register me on the site at the order registration for?
The registration allows to consider the memory discounts, and also to keep the information about your last orders and about your recipients that considerably saves time at registration of the subsequent orders.

What if I do not know the exact delivery address?
You can place an order by specifying only the recipient's phone number. Before delivery, we will call the addressee and specify a convenient delivery address. Please note, if the recipient does not answer the calls, the order will not be executed. Also, if the address turns out to be remote, different from the initially expected area, an additional delivery bill may be issued.

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You can surprise pleasantly relatives and friends in another city or country!

You can receive a photo/video of the recepient at the moment of delivery! Put a tick on this service at the moment of registration of the order.

Delivery can be carried out as the SURPRISE, in this case the recepient will not be warned about the order!

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